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To help us evaluate the offerings of banks and bankers please be prepared to discuss issues related to the following questions, and more.  If this looks like it might be a tough interview, that’s our intent.  There are hundreds of banks, both large and small, from which to choose.  What fits for one company does not necessarily work for another.  Cost should be a consideration, but only as it relates to overall affordability and to otherwise similar offerings. 

CONTEXT ----- COMPLUS Professional Controllers serve contractually as part of the management team for clients (owners of "for-profit" businesses in the Chicagoland area - McHenry to Merrillville) that are too big for him/her to run with only a checkbook in the back pocket and too small to hire one of us full-time. (That’s generally 20-100 workers or $2-10 million sales.)



·         Checking accounts

·         Cash management/sweep services

·         Zero balance coverage accounts (i.e., for Payroll)

·         Revolving Line of Credit

·         Asset-based loans

·         Mortgages

·         Credit Cards for corporate purchasing

·         Electronic banking

·         Customer Credit Card transaction processing

·         Trust services

·         International banking



















Cocktail Party Questions: 






If you're a business owner looking for a new bank, you might find some of these questions helpful. COMPLUS is not a CPA firm.  COMPLUS offers Professional Controller (management team) services.  COMPLUS does not compete with CPA firms that primarily offer audit and income tax return preparation services.