To help us evaluate your skills for being a bookkeeper please be prepared to discuss issues related to the following questions, and more. If this looks like it might be a tough interview, that's our intent. We are looking for willing workers and team players, and we want you to be prepared.

CONTEXT ----- COMPLUS Professional Controllers serve clients (owners of "for-profit" businesses in the Chicagoland area - McHenry to Merrillville) which are too big for him/her to run with only a checkbook in the back pocket and too small to hire one of our Controllers full-time (generally 20-100 workers or $2-10 million sales). There is seldom enough work for more than 1-2 bookkeepers.

Why do you want this job (rather than just any job)?

Describe your vision of a "good" boss.

What of your characteristics would make you a good bookkeeper?

How do you decide what tasks to do first?

How do you decide when to ask for help?

How do you learn how to use a new computer program?

What do you think about telephone "help" lines?

If I asked you to work extra time, how would you tell me "NO"?

If I were a vendor asking for payment, how would you tell me "LATER"?

Assuming money is available, when do you pay a bill?

How do you decide to what accounts to distribute A/P charges?

Why are invoices and checks pre-numbered sequentially?

Assume product was shipped "today." When should a sales invoice be prepared?

Assume payments were received in the mail "today." When should the money be recorded and deposited?

When should the first "collection contact" be made for a delinquent receivable?

What do you expect to do when you discover that a customer has overpaid an invoice?

Please define "deposit-in-transit?"

Please define "outstanding check?"

Please define "voucher?"

Please define "accrue?"

Please define "post?"

What is the conventional file name extension for a WORD file?

In WORD, under what top-row tool tab are toolbars displayed or hidden?

What is the conventional file name extension for an EXCEL file?

In EXCEL how do you change the width of a column?

Please define "proof" (the bookkeeping procedure)?

Does an A/R invoice usually produce a debit or credit to receivables?

Does an A/P check usually produce a debit or credit to cash?

What characteristics do you like best and least about (fill-in-the-blank) software?

Why are you worth $______ ?



By the way, if you're an employer looking for a bookkeeper, you might find some of these questions helpful. Current laws and "best practices" demand that questions asked of a candidate be relevant to reasonable expectations for a successful applicant. COMPLUS clients offer "equal opportunity" and do not discriminate based on race, color, creed, national origin, gender, disability, etc., only on skill.